About us

SONIJEKE is a preparatory holding company by two founders with a strong background in children’s content and digital production.


The children’s content includes books, songs, apps, animation, food, and toys for children under the age of ten.


The digital production CG House focuses on …?…


The founders are Imran Sharif and Teppei Wakabayashi.


Imran is an American with a proud South Asian heritage.

He went to school at Virginia Tech.

Teppei is from Tokyo with all the best Japanese cultural attributes.

He went to school in California. Teppei is a perfect gentleman.

For over a decade, they have been entrepreneurs building companies.


SONIJEKE offices are in Tokyo, Japan. The team is spread over the UK, Eastern Europe, China, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Taiwan, and Cambodia.

   Where to

Both Imran and Teppei’s passion is to create the next generation of epic proportions of animated movies, especially based on a child’s everyday life.

They both deeply believe in human value and especially in the betterment of children through healthy emotional content and technology.


3D animation

TEST movie front text

We seek partners and team

members to produce our

upcoming 3D animation movie.

The team has over twenty-five characters, over a hundred books, a robust reading app, and animation focusing on self-esteem. We have a decade old war-experienced production team between Tokyo and Xian, China.

   What we do


Our kindergarten textbooks are for children under the age of seven years.

<textbook images>


Our storybooks are for children under the age of ten.

<storybook images>


Out of the number of released apps, our “Lovelands Library” is the most comprehensive book app.

<app images>


We have written dozens of children, teen, and young-adult songs.

<song images>


Alphabet animation is a soul touching powerful animation to help children build healthy self-esteem.

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We have partnered with a Japanese company to cook and deliver fresh school meals and snacks to kindergarteners in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We daily deliver a thousand school meals. In 2020, it will reach ten thousand meals everyday.

<tiffin images and japanese cook images>


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